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Wireless Smart Glasses

1. Professional 5GTQ Audio (Exclusive Design)
2. Dual-tone mode: indoor (music) mode/outdoor (film) mode (exclusive design)
3. High fidelity sound quality
4. Specialized custom chips, dual-core computing (exclusive design)
5. Reduce the noise of the microphone and ensure the quality of the call
6. Bluetooth Version 5.0
7. The speaker unit adopts professional composite diaphragm imported from Japan, with higher sound resolution.
8. Accord with ergonomic design, make the temples bend and wear more comfortable (exclusive design)
9. Glass structure is made of high-grade plate, which is the same as Huawei's product type.
10. Specialized design at the end of spectacle legs can be adjusted according to the needs of different groups of people, and the experience is better. (exclusive design)
11. Indirect acoustic design protects hearing and avoids direct auricular sound production.
12. Replaceable lens design to meet the needs of different groups of people (image anti-blue lens), visual protection