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Tong Wen, Chief Scientist of 5G

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In 2019, 5G will be ready for commercial use. The 5G industry has entered a critical year of full commercial use. The deployment of the global 5G network has started. On January 10, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the issuance of 5G temporary license, which will open the curtain of 5G commercial network construction in China. So what are the capabilities of 5G? Dr. Tong Wen, Chief Scientist of 5G, published an article in Xinsheng Community to talk to you about 5G.
The following is the full text of the article:
2019 is the key year for the 5G industry to enter full commercial use, and the deployment of the global 5G network has started.
In June 2018, 5G standard for independent networking was frozen, and 5G completed the first stage of full-function eMBB standardization; on December 6, three major operators in China were granted a nationwide test frequency license for 5G medium and low frequency band; on January 10, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the issuance of 5G temporary license, which opened the curtain of 5G commercial network construction in China.
Driven by the wave of digital transformation, 5G will open a new stage of mobile Internet. In particular, the initial deployment of 5G network will (1) popularize the extreme user experience of mobile Internet; (2) promote innovation of Internet of Things, and then promote a new generation of transformation of mobile Internet industry.
The 5G network with super connectivity will carry the connection of 1 billion places, 5 billion people and 50 billion things, bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build an intelligent world of interconnection of all things.
On the other hand, 5G network with super connectivity will integrate digital driving technology, real-time big data, cloud technology and artificial intelligence, bringing about revolutionary changes in the industry: that is, connecting platforms, all things online, all clouds, all things plug and play wisdom.
Five years ago, in the 5G stage of industrial definition, we had a clear demand for 5G technical indicators:
Peak Rate of 1-20Gbps
10-100Mbps User Experience
End-to-end delay of 1-10 milliseconds
1-100 times the efficiency of network energy consumption
Never forget the beginning, these basic capabilities of 5G will be realized in 2019.
Below, we will further explain the ability of 5G network with native super connectivity and its transformation and transformation of industry.
1. Turning Point of Ultimate User Experience
5G-eMBB is the turning point of user experience.
Based on the basic technical principle of Internet TCP/IP protocol, when the network capacity is 4-5 times the application traffic, the network congestion and delay tend to zero.
That is to say, 5G G G-bit access rate has exceeded the basic rate of Internet access and video communication application traffic. End-user experience has begun to change substantially and entered the era of "infinite network capacity". That is to say, the end-user feels like the network has infinite capacity.
At present, 70% of the global operators have provided unlimited MBB business, and 40% of them have brought about the economic benefits of ARPU upgrading. The MBB mode with unlimited traffic has become the next driving force for the growth of mobile operators.
The advent of 5G, at the right time, is the original platform of MBB mode with unlimited traffic. Similarly, 5G's G-bit access rate has exceeded the basic rate requirement of fixed Internet access, and 5G is also the original platform of FBB mode with unlimited traffic.
Worldwide, 230 networks have been transformed into WTTX, and the number of users of WTTX has increased dramatically; in Europe, the speed of WTTX has exceeded the fixed network access rate; in the United States, the millimeter-wave band-based WTTX is the first commercial model for 5G pre-commerce. In short, 5G is the primary platform for solid-displacement fusion.
Furthermore, 5G G bit-level access rate is the original platform of cloud games, which will make the 50 Mbps rate, 20 milliseconds delay and less than 15% of the jittery cloud game business popular on a large scale.
From the perspective of 5G-eMBB's new business, 5G's G-bit access rate will make AR technology more widely used, and many industries'on-site maintenance and on-site service will benefit from it.
For example, experienced engineers are scarce, and even experienced engineers can only go to several remote sites to provide on-site services in a year. With the help of 5G-eMBB network and AR technology, engineers who are still in the training stage can acquire the information of relevant equipment immediately through the flat panel in their hands, and can make the right and optimal decision quickly without relying on the experience and intuition that takes years to develop. Experienced engineers, through 5G network and AR applications, can quickly obtain equipment-related reference information and complete more tasks in a shorter time, thus greatly improving the efficiency of on-site services in many industries.
2. User Experience at Zero Distance from the World
The empty port and wireless access network of 5G system ensure low end-to-end delay, so that high-end eMBB services such as VR, especially real-time video services and applications can be popularized.
Many years of network user experience studies have shown that because the network delay is much lower than the human visual perception delay of nearly 100 milliseconds, users at both ends of the network have experience of immersion and close proximity to the world. 5G is a low-latency native platform, which enables all eMBB services to experience zero distance from the world. It is also the first platform of VR/AR.
The wide deployment of 5G low-latency native platform will promote innovation and change of bionetworking.
5G has created new innovative use cases in the fields of automatic driving and industry. With the further breakthroughs in robotic machine learning and other technologies, the popularization and full cloud of 5G technology will promote the upgrading of their own business in all walks of life, such as manufacturing, transportation/logistics, smart city and so on. In particular, on the basis of 5G native low-latency platform, real-time applications with several milliseconds delay in many industries.

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